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The R.A.S. Event

The R.A.S. Event: Created by Angel "Exodus" Bolques


The R.A.S. (Roots, Rock, Reggae, R&B, Rap And Sound) events are promotional oriented VI/Urban cultural expositions - Hosted and Created by Souljahz of Jah Entertainment. They help promote and unify Local Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Dancers, and other members of the Virgin Islands community. The expos encourage networking and inspire artists to express their talents through Caribbean & Urban mediums such as Fashion, Film, Music, Culinary, Performing and Visual Arts. The R.A.S. events were created to motivate, develop, and promote the artists of our local Caribbean community.

In my life I have learned many valuable principles that have made me who I am today. Recently, one of my principles turned into my biggest goal: “GIVING BACK.” Giving back to the local artists in my community was the idea which led to my founding the R.A.S. events.

As Malcom Bane said, “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” Many of us donate some of our time for a cause – whether it is providing food and shelter, teaching others, or volunteering -We do it for many reasons but most of all; we do it because it makes us feel good within.

The R.A.S. events are something that I feel strongly about - they are interesting, fulfilling, and I believe having such a platform can make a big difference for future artists of the Virgin Islands. It will help the community, broaden our horizons, and give us a sense of accomplishment in the V.I. music industry.

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Without the help of the following sponsors/affiliates the R.A.S. events would not be possible:

Souljahz of Jah Ent.

Angel Arts (Graphic Arts & Social Media Consulting)

Black Sage Designs

King Judah Sounds

DJ I-Duane


Yaga Flo



R.A.S. Event Artists

Gideon Rebel

On Love City, St. John, United States Virgin Islands, Gideon Rebel, The Rebel of the Armageddon was born in the Tribe of Simeon (May).

I grew up in the community of Mandahl. While attending the Bertha C. Boschulte, Jr. High School I read many Black History Books, listened to reggae music and seek Rastafari as my salvation. Later, I attended the Ivanna Eudora Kean High School and participated in the school’s chant outs as a member of the group called Fyah Youthz.

Through life’s experiences, Rastafari, Sizzla Kalonji, and Peter Tosh motivated me to become a reggae artist. I started by deejaying on King Judah International, sang at many Rastafari gatherings with the From Scratch Family from the Oswald Harris Court Housing Community on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

Gideon Rebel opened shows for Virgin Islands Reggae Artists such as Abjah, Batch, Exodus, Jr. P, Mada Nile, Niyorah, Pressure and Ras Attitude. One of my major accomplishments as an artist thus far is the R7 Promo Compilation Cd featuring Fyah Bun and Mr. Heights, which are also artists from St. John.

For any further inquiries about the Artist or Booking, please email me at GideonRebel@hotmail.com or contact me at 244-6121.

Fyah Bun

With a voice of uniquely powerful harmony and spit-fire lyrics, “Jose Bolques”, AKA Fyah Bun, has been blessing the stages and dancehalls for years; singing with many artists including Exodus, Gideon Rebel, Firey Crew, Brack, Rud Boi to name a few. Fyah Bun’s rich vocals and audacious lyrics carry a depth and substance which is rare in the industry. His fan-base has grown because he speaks about the universal concerns of struggle, suffering and street-life. "The greatest thing about his music is that  he speaks to the people on issues they live and can relate to."

Real Talk Music VI - R.T.M.

Real Talk Music VI is a 3-man group out of Love City, St. John. FABE, FADED and SAM I AM each bring something different to Real Talk which allows them to have a wider range of music to give to the world. Real Talk began about 5 years ago with two members who enjoyed getting together to free-style and lyrically challenge each other on and off stage. This dynamic group came in 3rd place for the 2012 VI Idol Competition thanks to fan votes. They have recently decided to focus on their music and would love the support of their islands. They are currently working on a mix tape so stay tuned WORLD!

Smokes VI

Gavin Walters known as "Smokes VI" was born on October,3rd,1991 on the Island of St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands but was raised in the British Virgin Islands on the Island of Tortola and live there for 17 years.Smokes officially started his career in 2003 but he went along with his family and they formed a group together known as "Real Talk" it was never to be considered a music group or Band,they would always call it a Family.Now Smokes has relocated which he is now living in the U.S.V.I on the Island of St. John still writing,recording and publishing music as an independent artist but however PROMOTER ,MANAGER AND LABEL NEEDED.For any questions and concerns, You may email him at smokeythelover@gmail.com

Rev. Livation


The Dave Queeley Book Project is a collection of writings that cover several genres of society. These oratories cover an array of topics put together to total 13 books. This project is meant to open the eyes and souls of the Virgin Islands populace.

The Dave Queeley Book Project a series of 13 books, lends that voice to those who are hesitant to speak up in the face of injustice, violent crimes and bold faced fake thuggery. The oratories express how important love, respect, honor and loyalty is to becoming a productive and positive person in society.

The Dave Queeley Book Project has faced some challenging hurdles in order to be published. While currently there are issues and delays in getting the first book, “The Truth Is Guaranteed” published, twelve more have already been written and awaiting their day in the sun.

I was born on St. Thomas in 1967 and is a graduate of Ivanna Eudora Kean High School, Class of 1988. I have been writing ever since grade school and I have never stopped writing throughout my time living abroad. My writings voice my observations and solutions to what the community needs to be considering as a whole. I volunteer and speak to the juvenile offenders in The Junior Wrap Around Program. I speak to the kids and give them copies of oratories that are meant to help them remember what life should really be about. Love, respect, honor and good intentions walks hand in hand with self love, self respect, self pride,and self control that will help them to build up our communities and neighborhoods.

I have even shared my oratories with the populace by reading some of them on radio stations like 105.3 FM. I have also read oratories at funcions such as Positive Men Creating Strong Fathers Rally and Fun Day. I volunteer every year for the UVI Man Up Conference. I am truly motivated to provide assistance to my community and home to make things better in the future.



Adil Karam, Kasik, formally known as “AK The Artist”, is currently one of the most widely acclaimed young artists in the United States Virgin Islands blazing up the airwaves and nightclubs with hit after mind-blowing hit in a relatively short space of time. Kasik, whose name comes from an artistic play on the term “Casique” which is a Caribbean Chief, began his musical journey as a local DJ playing gigs while, along the way, building relationships with recording artists and professionals in the music industry.

Soon after his DJ debut in September 2002, Kasik established his very own home recording studio, Animosity Productions, where he composed and recorded songs for several up and coming artists. Over time, he consciously developed his recording, mixing, and mastering skills and soon brazenly branched off to become a recording artist himself, making his stage debut in February 2009. Kasik’s goal was to cultivate a local fan base then strategically expand into other territories with the home fan base’s support.

Kasik has been successfully featured on Akon’s Hitlab.com for his riveting hit “You Are,” which received a 97% rating from the website. In fact, Akon was quite impressed with Kasik’s tonal quality and that earned Kasik a live performance in November 2009, at one of Akon’s showcases in Toronto, Canada, along with four other top artists from across the country. Locally, on St. Thomas, where Kasik is based, he has been featured on many stage shows performing live alongside other top recording artists inclusive of Mr. Vegas, Demarco and Movado.

On October 10th, 2010 (10.10.10), Kasik released his debut mix-tape entitled, “The Perfect 10,” which features 10 main tracks, 10 bonus tracks, and 10 music videos of his hit songs and live performances. One of the songs that initially launched and catapulted Kasik’s musical career onto a spiral of success is “One Ting.” This song was played by every local DJ and became an instant hit throughout the Caribbean, Florida, New York, Atlanta, and parts of the United Kingdom where dancehall/reggae music is prevalent. The music video for “One Ting” garnered much curiosity evidenced by the thousands of youtube.com hits it generated in a little under a week. In fact, Kasik has triggered similar interest through several other music videos released under his video production label, Digitak Films, both online at various media outlets and on local cable television. Whether it is the quality of the productions, the controversial storylines, or the holistic impact of the songs themselves, Kasik has managed to keep his fans on their toes anxiously awaiting the next music video to hit the airwaves.

Kasik, after having explored his musical talents with compositions in a multifaceted realm of music genres including Hip Hop/ R&B/ Pop/ Soca/ Calypso / Reggae / and Dancehall has found a love with Reggae and Dancehall. As a young man full of talent and appeal, he has a growing fan base of young and old who, whenever they see him, fervently scream his name fondly followed by “One Ting!”



P-Solo was born in the Caribbean on the island of St. Thomas.
Representing the U.S. Virgin Islands with a unique musical talent this artist is in a lane of his own.
Won V.I. Idol 2011

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